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How do you store solar energy for use when it is not light out? In the "The Speed of Light: Explore Solar Energy with a Supercapacitor Car Motor!" electronics #science project, students investigate how a capacitor works and how the time used to charge a solar-powered supercapacitor affects how long a car is powered. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

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Sun, wind, and water are all sources of renewable energy. But what about the Earth itself? In the "The Power of Heat Is Right Under Your Feet!" #science project, students build a model of a geothermal power plant to learn more about geothermal energy. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject #energy

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STEAM Project: Tiny Dancers (A Homopolar Motor)

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Learn how to make both a basic homopolar motor and a tiny dancing motor! Great science fair project for older kids!

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How much energy do the various appliances in your house use? Are there ways to cut down on your family's power consumption? In the "Spare a Watt, Save a Lot" #science project, students investigate the energy usage of household appliances and learn more about phantom power drain. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject #energy

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Ancient Egypt means hands-on student #science! In the "Minding Your Mummies: The Science of Mummification" science Project Idea, student learn about the rituals and science of mummification by mummifying a hot dog using baking soda. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

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Does the brightness of light matter when you use solar power? Students can investigate that #science question in the "The Frightened Grasshopper: Explore Electronics & Solar Energy with a Solar-Powered Robot Bug" alternative energy and electronics Project Idea. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #robotics

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How to Make a Balloon-Powered Paper Plate Racer

Paper Plate Stem Project

Powered Paper

Plate Racer

Paper Plates

How to Make a Balloon-Powered Paper Plate Racer « Model Cars, Rockets & Trains

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A radio that doesn't need a battery or plug? In the "Build Your Own Crystal Radio" electricity and #electronics #science project students build a working crystal radio and investigate how to improve it. A convenient project kit is available to do this science project! [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

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Homemade Waterwheel

How can you use falling water to lift something? In the "Put Your Water to Work: Using Hydropower to Lift a Load" energy and power #science project, students make a homemade waterwheel and use the power of water to lift a small weight. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

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Do your local traffic lights use LEDs? In the "The Future of LEDs Is So Bright, I've Got to Wear Shades" #science project, students build circuits with LEDs and compare their output to traditional incandescent bulbs. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject #energy

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Do agrofuels produce the same amount of energy as nonrenewable fuels? In the "Burning Biofuels: Comparing Nonrenewable and Renewable Fuels" energy #science project, students use vegetable oil and motor oil to explore. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject #altenergy

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'Shake to power' flashlights offer a cool as-you-need-it approach to power. In the "Shaking Up Some Energy" energy and power #science project, students make a simple generator and investigate the relationship between magnetism and induction of electrical current. Once it's wrapped and wired, shake it up to power a small LED! [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #springbreakscience #scienceprojects

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How many potato pieces does it take to run a calculator? Find out in the "Veggie Power! Making Batteries from Fruits and Vegetables" hands-on #electricity and #electronics #science project. Build a veggie-based battery and then try different vegetable sources to see how the batteries compare! A project kit is available to do this science project. [Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

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You know there is sugar in non-diet soda, but just how much? In the "How Sweet It Is—How Much Sugar Is Really in That Soda?" food #science project, students use a hydrometer to measure the amount of sugar in soda. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

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Solar Energy

Water heaters are usually used to heat water in homes, but what are other ways to make hot water? In the "Are You in Hot Water? Use the Sun's Energy to Heat Your Own Water" energy and power #science project, students can investigate how #energy from the Sun can be used to heat up water. [Source: Science Buddies,; Image: NASA] #STEM #scienceproject #altenergy

Art Classroom

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Optical Illusions

Amazing Illusions

Mind Illusions

Adaptation Project

Stare at a special image for a period of time and then look at another image that has color differences and what happens? In the "Now You See It, Now You Don't: A Chromatic Adaptation Project" #science project, students explore chromatic adaptation to see how quickly it can occur and how long it lasts. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

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Elementary Science Projects

What kinds of biomass are good for making biogas? Students can explore in the "From Trash to Gas: Biomass Energy" energy #science Project Idea. The results will be visible! [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject #altenergy

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Clean Water

Desalinate Water

How can sea water be turned into safe drinking water? In the "Solar-Powered Water Desalination" environmental #engineering #science Project Idea, students build and test a solar-powered device for desalinating water. Does the color of the bottom impact the device's efficiency? A convenient project kit is available to do this science project. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

Baseball Science Project

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How do pitchers throw with great speed? In the "The Biomechanics of Pitching" #science project, students investigate how factors like body position and stride affect the speed of a thrown baseball. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject #sportsscience

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Life Science

Anatomy Lab

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What is the role of an enzyme in biochemistry? In the "A Juicy Project: Extracting Apple Juice with Pectinase" #science project, students investigate to see how much the addition of an enzyme speeds up the release of juice from apples? Do different types or ages of apples react differently? [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject