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  • Allison Zelinger

    i'm so breathtaking Greeting Card from Uncooked

  • Meg Sunga

    Heres to you boyfriend :) Uncooked cards deliver “exactly what you may or may not be thinking”. These cards are deceivingly simple and plain in their design, however when you read them you’ll be laughing uncontrollably. If you have an embarrassing laugh, don’t read these cards while others can see you! Available at

  • Amanda

    Cute card!

  • Michelle Cummings

    Anniversary card to my love.

  • Mayte Corripio

    diy cards for boyfriend - Buscar con Google

  • uncooked cards

    it's so obvious everyone wants to be me. not because i'm so breathtaking but because i have you. and you're perfect. #greetingcard #funny #gift #love

  • Alexa Shaw

    Love quote.

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being with you is so much better than being with someone that isn't you.

YES! I love this. If you dont see the humor... just give it a second. Think...itll come. From : Uncooked Greeting Cards

Wish you were smarter-miss you card

bet we were sisters Greeting Card from Uncooked

I send these cards to J all the time.

it drives me crazy how big this world is. those idiots should have made it smaller so we could be closer and not have to miss each other so much.

This weekend was my first wedding anniversary. Made this card for my husband.

Or maybe this will be the next anniversary card...!

missing you card - change words to "J st to let yo know we are thinking of yo ."