Best worm composting site ever!

Worm Bin Troubleshooting - A Visual Guide to Diagnosing and Solving your Worm Composting Bin Problems #wormcomposting #vermicomposting

Composting for kids! also can be keeped on kitchen counter to add to compost...@

Mini green houses

Continuous cilantro growing method, worth pinning even if a second time! This sight has some great ideas!

Cheap and Easy Worm Bin! Make your own vermiculture compost bin.

How to feed red worms for composting

How to Feed Your Compost Worms: What, When, & How

Build a Bug Hotel for bees, ladybugs, and other beneficial insects. Learn how from Garden Therapy.

Sprinkle Baking Soda on Cabbages (and other Brassicas) to Thwart Caterpillars If those small green cabbage worms have been making Swiss cheese of your cabbage, broccoli, and kale plants, try this trick: Make a 50/50 combination of flour and baking soda, and dust it all over whichever plants the cabbage worms are eating. They'll eat the combo while munching the leaves, and die within a day or so. Repeat as necessary..

Composting with a PVC worm tube | Offbeat Home This is SUCH a good idea. I wonder if the worms wouldn't just find it themselves and buying more worms wouldn't matter? Anyway, it covers a 4 foot square area (the worms work their feces into the soil themselves.) so 2 in a 4x8 foot raised bed would do nicely??

vermicomposting. I was made aware of an invention this week that absolutely amazed me. Evidently several people have been using "worm tubes" in their gardens. The premise is to have a place actually in the garden into which you can put vegetable scraps; the worms then come into the bottom of the tube, eat through the scraps, and move out into the garden to deposit their castings.

Trenching - composting by digging a trench roughly 3-feet deep and filling it with compostable scraps, covering them with alternate layers of soil. Once completed leave them for 2-3months to break down and then plant your vegetables directing into the bed.

Great site to learn about composting with worms. I have been worm farming for over a year now and it's great.

Spouts on worm bins make collecting worm tea an easy chore.

How To Build The Ultimate Compost Bin -

build a worm composter directly in the garden

Coffee Grounds are Worm Crack!

Everything you need to know about worm farming

Not sure...but thinking about worms!Easy worm/compost bin! Includes a video on setting up a worm bin using a plastic storage bin.