DIY Draped sew.

Raising Dudes and a Doll: Over 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf

How to add Lace to a Convertible Dress.. ok.. forget the convertible dress part.. but how cool to add over a dress and top with a shrug!

ADD diy #customweddingprintables ... MY HEELS! Diy Fashion Tutorial

Wear pink maxi as a skirt, with b&w high skinny neck crop

gorgeous skirt

I have always wanted shorts like this but I could never find any how I liked them! But now I don't need to, I can make a customized pair!

Dream catcher diy One day when I get time! this is sooo smart for a college dorm to hang jewelry

Loose shirt, fitted skirt. I would button up the shirt at little more.

DIY workout tank from a loose tee

Just a tad bit longer and its perfect!

DIY cute shirt

DIY lace shorts.


DIY: reversible scalloped hem skirt

Personalized scarf.. put a verse or favorite quote on it.. I love that it's kind of illegible to others but you would always know what it said. This would be a cool gift!


DIY Coverup - Must try making this for summer!

One cut to Tie a T-Shirt...great for too big tshirts!

No sew cardigan from a shirt.

DIY tie dye shirts