DIY Draped sew.

Raising Dudes and a Doll: Over 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf

diy scarf draped skirt.

How to add Lace to a Convertible Dress.. ok.. forget the convertible dress part.. but how cool to add over a dress and top with a shrug!

TShirt sewing required!!

I really think I love this... more things to look to alter at Plato's.

DIY Sugaring

Easy enough

Jessamity: Project: DIY draped vest: I have some of these scarves that would make nice vests

Fall Fashion Leopard Scarf With White Shirt

Shirt to skirt.. pretty sweet

diy bina brianca wrap - stylish nursing cover, shawl and wrap. about 20 different ways to wear this.

Wrap skirt instructions i have two of these and don't know how to use them. New Years resolution? Learn it. Wear it.

DIY Downtown Abbey Inspired Top | Simple DIY Lace Top Tutorial by DIY Ready at

DIY Fashion Ideas

Sewing Projects and Techniques

Sequins all day, every day! love the tucked look

DIY bikini ruching! Super easy and you can do this to old bikini bottoms