how to store your bike & books...voila!

Bike Shelf

I love this bike rack/shelf idea.tho vertical may be easier in tight space. Multi-Purpose Furniture That Changes Function In No Time


Living in homes that have limited space can sometimes be a headache. But if you’ve got a clever furniture like AndViceVersa’s Fusillo Multi-functional Shelf, having limited space would no longer be a.

Bike storage - terrassebord, sykkel, hjelm pumpe, skateboard, ski, sirkelsag, materiale, verktøybod m plass til arb benk, hengende verktøy, plater, lister etc

ShackUp Bikeinabox shed for your ride is a waist-height box with room for two bikes shelves for all your helmets, pumps, tools etc.

Bicycling in pretty pink style inspired by Batiste's Blush Dry Shampoo #blush #bike

Paris is wonderful in and of itself, but it's even more fabulous when it's done in pink! Here's how we'd do a perfectly pink day in Paris.

Cada vez mais as pessoas estão deixando o carro de lado e adotando a bike. Seja para ir trabalhar, ou só aos fins de semana, a verdade é que o núme

Easy Homestead: Book Shelf with Bicycle Stand. Great idea for dorm rooms or small apartments

Decoração em ação | Great idea.

Minimalist Handcrafted Bike Shelves - The 'Molletta' Bike Shelf Frees Up Space with Flair

BIKE RACK: Wooden with Shelf von IndustrialFarmHouse auf Etsy

This unique architectural bike rack is hand crafted out of mahogany. It is beautiful with and without your bike docked in it.

Bike Vallet

Reclamation Art + Furniture - Wooden bike accessories - turn your bike into an objet d'art with this gorgeous walnut "bike valet"

Base para bicicleta

Base para bicicleta