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Everyone gets tired holding a leg up in the air while trying to be a gymnast in the sack. Make it easier to get the job done with no aches and pains, heavy lifting or contortion involved. Sex will dramatically improve when using these adjustable straps. Back and leg strain will magically disappear as you experience more enjoyable positions.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Not Flossing Your Teeth Is Killing You

Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene on Your Body [INFOGRAPHIC]

An Illustrated History of Sex Toys... So interesting!

Toy Holder for Pure Romance Consultants. Works great instead of individual wine bags to hold them.

Bed Bondage Bliss - $49 - Turn any size bed into a place of bondage pleasure. Finally, you no longer need a headboard or canopy to enjoy sexy restraints! These restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your lover’s arms and/or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Restraints are portable and travel-sized and include four adjustable cuffs and straps.

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Sex Toy Use Is Highest In WHICH State?

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