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Everyone gets tired holding a leg up in the air while trying to be a gymnast in the sack. Make it easier to get the job done with no aches and pains, heavy lifting or contortion involved. Sex will dramatically improve when using these adjustable straps. Back and leg strain will magically disappear as you experience more enjoyable positions.

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30 Foolproof Ways To Get Through This Winter

DIY a pair of wool insoles to keep your feet toasty.

An Illustrated History of Sex Toys... So interesting!

Toy Holder for Pure Romance Consultants. Works great instead of individual wine bags to hold them.

Bed Bondage Bliss - $49 - Turn any size bed into a place of bondage pleasure. Finally, you no longer need a headboard or canopy to enjoy sexy restraints! These restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your lover’s arms and/or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Restraints are portable and travel-sized and include four adjustable cuffs and straps.

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Pure Romance Consultant ❤️ (302) 359-1368 Pamper yourself and put that spice back in your life!!

Pure Romance is more than sex toys, we work hard to empower other women and encourage healthy, safe sexual experiences and relationships

Pure Romance Consultant ❤️ (302) 359-1368 Pamper yourself and put that spice back in your life!!

People ask me all the time what's involved with hosting a Jamberry FB party and how much work is it? This sums it up! My average hostess receives 8-10 free wraps! The more you interact on the event page and talk it up, the more successful! If you want to join Jamberry but don't have the $99 for the consultant kit, you can earn $50 credit for your kit by hosting a $350 party! That cuts your kit's price in half! I'm setting up April party dates now, so message me on my fan page quick!

Not in the Mood? Stressed or to Tired? Pure Romance to the Rescue. Message me, email me at

Successful marriage. Love this! I think flirting with your husband is such a wonderful thing! I wish my husband would remember this!!!

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What's in Your Phone Game for Direct Sellers

What's in Your Phone Game for Direct by BellaDesignzGraphics

Choose Your Pleasure - $20 - Many of us get in a routine with our lover, and it can oftentimes be difficult to escape. Games are an easy way to heat up the bedroom into some unpredictable playtime. With 52 cards and over 100 sexual activities to choose from, you’re going to spice up any intimate session. Selecting just one “pleasure” may be tough at times, and some choices will be easy, but this is the game that everyone can win! Put the pleasure back into your relationship where it belongs.

Action Couple Keychain - $6 - This hilarious couple can really get it on! It's a fun novelty key-chain that will keep you laughing about the ultimate sexual experience.

This is a super cute idea I found here on Pinterest. I fell in love with it and had to make it for my boyfriend. He loved it.

Heart Throb Heated Massagers With Bullets - These round massagers have an edge! Each circle massager contains a bullet to shake up a night in, and hand straps for easy use!

Coochy - $11 - Say goodbye to razor burn forever with this phenomenal, unisex shave lotion. Coochy is a rash-free, conditioning shave cream that is gentle for all parts of the body. It softens skin and hair for a for a divinely smoother shave. Make every part of your body touchably soft and smooth with Coochy.