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  • Ashley Glenn

    good idea. kids pull out an "uh oh" chore when ever they are being naughty.

  • Lindsey Carnes

    Uh Oh Chore Jar Extra chores for being grumpy, being whiny, tattling...doing this too!

  • Monique Turner

    Uh Oh Chore Jar -- time out alternative

  • Christina Jackson

    Uh-Oh jar for extra chores to make up for naughty behavior. Brilliant! A good use for one of the many mason jars I have laying around.

  • Katrina Jorgensen

    uh oh chores We have Uh-Oh chores for when they are naughty, whiney, tattle-taling, etc. These are jobs like: empty all garbage cans in house, clean out car, load dishwasher, wash windows, mom picks, sweep front porch, ect.

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