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    Primitives by Kathy Wine Enthusiast. #StJamesWinery #Wine #Winery #funny

    You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having. ~Frank Lloyd Wright.

    21 Fun & Inspirational Quotes To Get You Ready For The Weekend - because im addicted

    Story of my life!!!

    "Im ready to die Daryl." She whispered. "If while i lived i ever made you smile or feel happy or feel something here" she said, placing her palm over his heart, "Then ive made my mark. Ive lived." "You do." He said, his wet eyes staring intensely into hers. "


    Happiness is a choice, nobody should have that much influence over you. Never surrender the outcome of your own worth or destiny to anyone but Christ. It is idolatry to follow anyone else's plans for you that don't adhere to God's written word. You're spouse and your destiny should coincide and it's not love to change, alter or challenge what God has placed in your heart as a ministry. Love will always support you, be there for you and lift you up in prayer and action. Love abounds - Steven Vale


    31 #Stay Strong #Quotes: The Inspirational Stay Strong Quotes That Awaken The Strength Within

    even if it ends badly, its worth it. if it made you feel something, it taught you something.

    We moms are our son’s nose-wipers and clothes-changers, pillow-fluffers and meal preparers. We nurture and cheer, hug and smile, and laugh, even when their jokes aren’t funny. God means for us to be their soft place to fall, and we revel in that privilege. God also meant for us to be their teachers. Even though we …

    True ... so True! My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned, and that's OK. #Life #Quotes #Words #Sayings

    Never forget it!

    For a wedding that blends families with children.

    be pretty like you.

    60+ classic (new and old) books every child should read.

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    Being a mom and having them be the center of my world is the best possible feeling ever!! Wouldn't give it up for anything!! Love that I have been able to stay home with my kids in the years they are young enough to still enjoy me spending time with them. ♥

    I wish common sense was more common …