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  • Tiffany Hubbard

    How to Clean Microfiber Furniture....spray rubbing alcohol on the spot, scrub with scatchy side of sponge, fluff with bristle brush. Yup it works.

  • Christina Reidhead

    Cleaning idea for my microfiber couch!

  • Johnna Kitts

    method for cleaning a microfiber sofa - rubbing alcohol, a scrubbing sponge and a bristle brush

  • Adriane Castellino

    How to clean microfiber furniture 1. Spray rubbing alcohol 2. Rub with clean sponge 3. Let dry 4. Fluff with a scrub brush

  • Jennifer Bennett

    How to clean microfiber couch: Spray on rubbing alcohol, scrub with WHITE sponge, then after it's dry, rub in circular motion with WHITE brush. Genius!

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How to Clean a Microfiber Sofa - Most of the stains on my couch were water stains from sippy cups. It helped to lighten the stains but not get rid of them. Make sure you do this on a day when you can have the windows wide open the smell of rubbing alcohol is quite strong (and make sure you're not pregnant or your husband will end up doing most of it) ;)

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