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  • Brian Galarze

    A TRUE rapper..

  • kim brightwell

    Tupac Shakur was an actor and rap music star. Impoverished throughout most of his childhood, with his mother and half-sister, he moved between homeless shelters and low grade accommodations in New York City. He was a gemini.

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Tupac Shakur was a highly educated man who was often misunderstood by the mainstream media. He was a man who through his lyrics fought for racial equality in the judicial system and for peace among the African American community. It was his wish for an end to violence, but sadly he was gunned down at an early age.

Tupac- Greatest rapper ever no one will ever compare!!

I'm a white girl who raps to Pac. Yes, I am a rare breed.

Treach, Pac, Eazy E

Tupac Shakur is the REALEST rapper ever i feel his pain, pleasure, passion, love, and many other things through his music all the other rappers are bitch made do I need to list them fuck no you know who the fuck they are they might be your fucking idols so nahh i aint gonna hurt your damn feelings the rap game was good and shit then when they killed Tupac the whole game CHANGED and i'am not talking in a good way CAUSE ALL the rawness and realness left the building

I love Emininem. i've always loved him. But I sm too scared to go to his cocerts; not because of him, but his fans. By the way I am 50 years old. But Iam cool. Lived and worked in the Bronx. Even though I am living the life on Long Island..

greatest rapper who ever lived.

Missy Elliot, rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and dancer. She is a 5x Grammy Award winner, with record sales of over 30 million in the US alone, and the only female rapper to have 6 albums certified platinum. Her hits include I Can't Stand the Rain, Work It, She's a Bitch, photograph taken by Jonathan Mannion for Hip Hop: A Cultural Odyssey.

I love hiphop, Learn how to freestyle rap here: #hiphop