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Vintage Rhinestones Ball Orb Sphere Ornament Blues

Another Chihuly glass boat, this time with sphere shaped glass as opposed to elongated glass. I really love all the colors and textures on the balls and how the reflection looks in the water!

Chihuly spheres

Play Visions Marble Mania 115mm

Art Glass Marbles | Handmade Contemporary Art Glass Marble 38 by jwinterbowerglassart

Contemporary borosilicate "eye" marble by artist Casey Patricio

"Chiluly A Spoleto" by Dale Chiluly. 20' x 20' x 20', 1995, at Spoleto Festival in Italy. I love how the spheres are glowing with iridescent light. It's so ethereal and outerworldly.

Love Chihuly

Floating glass orbs bring color to your water garden.

Handmade Glass Marbles by Ferderici Designs 1 Inch in Diameter

BCM Glass

Deep Cyan Sparkle Boro Marble JKLD

Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Sculpture/Earth Works/ Photography ideas

Spheres - Bowling Ball Garden.

mosaic garden spheres (and more) by Katherine England (www.katherineengl...)

DIY garden sphere mosaic

Mosaic Sphere

first day of class, students were given the assignment to collect materials found at home, in nature, etc. and adhesives to bring to class the following day. In a two hour period they had to assemble 3 spheres between 3"-6" varying in materials and construction methods. Its was a simple exercise dealing with issues of construction, time, parameters and material exploration.

color spheres

Friends' Mosaic Garden Spheres by grammylynda'spics, via Flickr

Flickr user NanaAkua took a visual record of almost 500 of these balls made by her granny.

Colour glowing sphere - Photo by Marco Braun via Flickr

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