Friends in Nebraska followed the career of Sandy Dennis closely. In the photo from KOLN TV, Sandy is interviewed by local broadcaster Wayne West. Later, she is pictured on the Tonight Show with James Garner. The other TV interviews are not identified. submitted by Marlys Ballard

Libbyland TV Dinners, OMG I forgot about these!!!


Somewhere in Nebraska.

Tastee Inn and Out.....Lincoln, Nebraska. Eating here has been a family tradition since my great grandma was a little girl! Mmm... SO delicious!!! Closed 2013

1950's TV. We've come a long way.

Toadstool Park. northwest Nebraska

Barn West of Sprague Nebraska

Valparaiso, Nebraska -photo by Nebraska Farm Boy


Fall Snow, Eastern Nebraska Beautiful Picture! Not sure I have a reason to want to visit Nebraska though

Comstock Windmills, Nebraska, USA

vintage cafe signage in Hastings, Nebraska

Lake McConaughy, Nebraska



Sunset - Elmwood, Nebraska

Oakdale Nebraska Abandoned Church

Be in 2 places at once - September 2009, Nebraska and Iowa

train stories...train stories...train stories