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  • Linda Hein

    Friends in Nebraska followed the career of Sandy Dennis closely. In the photo from KOLN TV, Sandy is interviewed by local broadcaster Wayne West. Later, she is pictured on the Tonight Show with James Garner. The other TV interviews are not identified. submitted by Marlys Ballard

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1972 Libbyland Sea Diver's Dinner Box. These were the best!!

Dick Cavett, b. 1936, TV star, graduated from Lincoln High with Sandy Dennis

1950s TV -- except no one would put that shit on the top, because the TV was very particular about its space and told you what kind of signal reception it was working with.

eastern Nebraska - full of farm roads and foothills

Windmill & Wildflowers Northwestern Nebraska

Toadstool Geological Park, in northwestern Nebraska.

Fall Snow, Eastern Nebraska Beautiful Picture! Not sure I have a reason to want to visit Nebraska though

Tastee Inn and Out.....Lincoln, Nebraska. Eating here has been a family tradition since my great grandma was a little girl! Just closed down this year :( (2014)