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Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 63 Pics

More funny if you don't have food allergies. Instead it's just ironic since it perfectly illustrates why the general public doesn't take food intolerances/allergies seriously. How about no legumes, gluten, or eggs.

That before pic is EXACTLY how I feel before my first cup!!! LOL! ROUGH!

why do i think of adventure time when i see this? hm, i think its the ornge lego. oh! and the legs and arms!

Funny Pictures Of The Day 50 Pics

Roman numerals...I think thats how everyone does it at this point lol Gotta love Rocky :P

This is needed on this board. Because this is how I feel whenever I express my opinion. But I don't have the intention of starting crap.

Go home, fashion. You're drunk. - Imgur

when a dude asks me this at the store...i kind of struggle to control myself, lol...

My favorite one was when I drove my "Shoe Carnival" the other day and the "S" was out.

Every Villain Is Lime. Even the new Maleficent movie. When she does something evil, it's green fog. When it's good it's gold