Remember these ?? ... fashion plates! I looooved

Totally had this

Slush Puppies! Loved these as a kid, putting more pumps of syrup then really needed

Fashion plates were one of my favorite toys growing up. Here's a similar product that's travel sized! Next Betsey Fashion Designer

I loved these!

90s fashion at its finest (33 photos) - 90s-fashion-19

Makit & Bakit "Stained Glass" Suncatchers - I loved these!!!

333 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off

Fashion Plates

Loved these guys

Loved this too!!!!

Fashion Plates

I loved this.

Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates!

LOVED this game!!!

had this loved it, wish I still had it!

Loved these

the 90s.

these were good #90s

Loved this as a kid