Jewel Beetle.

colorful beetles.

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jewel beetle

Sagra buqueti. This is one of the species of 'frog-legged' beetles. Love the iridescence, this is a true Beetle Beauty!

Rosenbergia straussii


Peucetia viridans, the green lynx spider

I love this beetle print!

Antoine Picard


Colourful by Marcel Rodrigues

FAMILY Buprestidae (metallic wood-boring beetles, jewel beetles) - Adults are usually metallic (iridescent) – coppery, green, blue, grey, or black, hard- bodied and compact, somewhat fusiform in overall shape, elytra are striated, posterior portion of the elytra is tapered, head is somewhat wide and eyes are prominent. Many species cause extreme damage to trees.

Eupholus benetti Gestro


leaf insect Phyllium giganteum

Tithorea tarricina chrysalis..before the transformation

fabulous mantis

Insects, Plate 4

Scarab beetle- This beetle is also known as the Shining Leaf Chafer Beetle. It is known for it's vibrant, shiny color. While scarab beetles are common in Egyptian myths, this particular specimen is from the Southwestern United States where it is considered an agricultural pest.