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my sister is a beautiful ballerina and i love to watch her dance!

Genee 2009 Behind the scenes by Tan Ngiap Heng, via Flickr

Detail, dancer en pointe. Ballet photography. Dancer unknown, photographer is Alessio Quagliata. (c) 2008, Alessio Quagliata. All rights reserved. // Found by @RandomMagicTour - Sasha Soren

One of these day that will be me floating across the stage I so wish I could hav did dance😔

ballet - my dream...too bad I was told in HS that my BUTT was too big to be a serious ballerina! =[. amh WY

whenever I wait in the wings, I always look up at the rafters of the stage and wonder what it would be like to be up there, looking down on the spectacle. This captures that moment of anticipation and thrill right before going onstage. Love it.

I used to stretch like this everyday :( Could balance en pointe, too, in attitude and arabesque. Maybe it's time to start stretching again.

Now that I do ballet workouts when I see these pictures all I think is oooouch. Ballet hurts. I am so out of muscle shape.

Look at the blossom at your feet, how light are your feet and for a fleeting moment think of the daisies crushed on the dancing floors. with the twirl some of them are killed. with a flare some of them are ensnared.

It's no secret that pianists need to warm up before the playing gets good. But how long it takes to warm up varies. This little tip will speed up your warm-up routine by at least 15%. Having Stone-...

It's aaaaan itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini

.....:0 I would love to do something like this for a pointe ballet dance if I ever get pointe shoes!!