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  • Col Lea

    The Canoe Pond ~ unique garden idea.

  • Katie O'Sullivan

    the canoe pond, outdoor living, ponds water features, Here is another angle I love the change from the lower level of grade to the top of the deck Note how the bottom of the canoe is buried slightly into the landscape as if it was water Enjoy

  • Shelly Gerk

    Canoe pond. Love for my backyard

  • Peggy Hoehne

    Make a water garden from an unused boat.

  • Ellie In The Garden 🌿

    Can You Canoe?! Pond in a boat - so darned clever!! :D (via Pamela Makes Stuff)

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WOW ... Old Canoe turned into a pond ... who thinks of these things!? Better imagination than I'll ever have and I thought I was pretty darn creative! This is so cool!

Japanese pond. nothing could be more calming then to sit by it and watch the fish swim.

bassin. are they jars beside the pond? We have those with night lights in for balmy evenings.

It reminds me of Bali but I'm sure this isn't Balinese design (maybe Polynesian?). I'd make sure there are a lot of small fish in the pond tho, just to make sure no mosquito larvae survive.

What a fun Playhouse idea! This is awesome!

Put in a Pond Create a soothing garden oasis that delights the senses: refreshing drinks; seed for birds; nectar for bees and butterflies; and hiding places for fish, frogs, and other water-loving wildlife. a successful wildlife habitat with plantings -including hardy and tropical water lilies, papyrus, dwarf papyrus, pennywort, cranberry taro, and arrowhead -- in and around the water.

Butchart Gardens ~ love the water lilies ✮✮Feel free to share on Pinterest" ♥ღ www.MYVICTORIANAN...

Arnold Masonry & Concrete by Stonehenge Hardscape Atlanta, via Flickr

Looks exactly like Uncle Alan's masterpiece. This will be the first project after the fence goes up.

Pond idea for the front corner of our landscape.--Always remember when building.. the waterfall.. to make it overhang a make an echo.. in the pond

I want these in my yard....I wonder if I can just fill the pool up with them and throw goldfish in for good measure...