this is cute! , apparently this lady has an awesome blog if youre interested. :)

I like this class promise. Read everyday at the end of announcements to review expectations and set the tone.


Leave personal notes on students' desks with dry erase markers when you know you are going to have a sub the next day or if you just want to show them some extra love

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

class rules & have students sign the bottom then hang it in the room

Dear student...

I love this lady. Wise words from educator Rita Pierson. Learn more about TED Talks Education.

Shine totally goes with my star theme, now I just need lots more of those bb letters

superhero classroom decorations - Google Search

lots of classroom management ideas--I'm completely obsessed with this girl's blog

power cards

This would make SUCH a great sign to post in the room at the beginning of explains why we work in groups!!

FREE 10 motivational quotes to hang in your classroom or on a bulletin board. Great for all ages! FREE

A Bucket Filling Classroom

Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class - Freebie includes quick reference cards for the teacher

Character Traits and Making Your Students Feel Special. This would be a great lesson on adjectives too!

Adorable anchor poster to remind your students to put their names on the paper. The best part is that it's FREE! :)

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

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