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    Africa ---Tuareg girl wearing traditional jewellery. Photo taken in, Ghadames, Libya ,Photo by Eric Lafforgue

  • Priscilla

    African beauty

  • Zuzu

    A lovely Tuareg girl. Brown eyes are never really noted for their beauty compared to blue/green eyes. But this little girl is rocking her bold brown eyes

  • Joyce

    Eyes- Africa | Tuareg girl wearing traditional jewelry. Photo by Eric Lafforgue

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Africa | Veiled Tuareg girl with jewels in Ghadames, Libya | © Eric Lafforgue

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Casablanca (I find it curious that this is labeled Casablanca originally. Must get to the bottom of this!)

Tuaregs, nomads live in the semi-arid Sahel and arid Sahara in an area of Mali, Nigera

Veiled Tuareg girl with jewels in Ghadames, Libya