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Our Southern Homefrom Our Southern Home

My Thrifty Finds

What a wonderful way to showcase items that have been given to me by loved ones!

"Vineyardhaven Vixen " -- The Thieving Magpie by Richard Dunbrack: Furniture, Folk Art and Sculpture created from significant period artifacts and found objects -- The Thieving Magpie Gallery

Bird Cage decorated with Christmas lights. The prettiest idea for a birdcage that I've seen to date. (no source as I found this on one blog after another that did not source the origin)

Lifehackfrom Lifehack

Time,Tide, and Bill-Pay Wait For No Man

Make the ETA & long/lat, clear & apparent. Shopping post dressing at this point. The fine point details are what are needed. This road I'm on, need you here - I Adore you......... BTW, yes world I AM VERY STRONG & luckily enough to be fine in my own skinny self skin - & Long hair IS overrated, that's just my opinion.

Steampunk Pendulum Clock this is cool and it might be cool if we have a lot of clocks on stage as props, of diff sizes and shapes and stuff which could go with the whole devil controlling time thing