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Holds your phone, cards, keys, and more while you workout, go running, or do yoga!

"Better Than starbucks" Mocha Frap This is MINE, and my all time favorite!! 5 oz cold coffee 5 oz almond milk 1 tsp. Honey 1 scoop chocolate shakeology crushed Ice blend and enjoy!

No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls Give into your cravings without sacrificing your hard-earned physique. Sink your teeth into these healthy and delicious bite-size snacks.

Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan! - Page 3 of 3 - Women's Running

12 Secret Pandora Workout Stations

30 Day Plank Challenge

Planks are better than crunches for working those abs. Here are 8 plank variations to try!


I'm gonna try it!

All i can say is HOLY CRAP!!! 7 exercises Do it three times a week, on alternating days, to tighten up everywhere.

Tabata Circuit Workout

Ball workout

This is neat... type in your current weight and your goal weight to see the difference. Good motivation. i had way too much fun with this..

Great idea!

training for 5K

Dr. Oz....boost your declining metabolism.

tight schedule -- daily workout plan sunday through monday

Dr. Oz's Tangerine Weight-Orade Recipe... Boost Metabolism. In a large pitcher, combine: 8 cups of brewed green tea 1 tangerine, sliced A handful of mint leaves Stir this delicious concoction up at night so all the flavors fuse together. Drink 1 pitcher daily for maximum metabolism-boosting results. I'll have to try this!

Pool cardio exercises

#Detox #Apple #Cinnamon #Water. BOOST Your METABOLISM Naturally with this ZERO CALORIE Detox Drink: Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water 0 Calories. Put down the diet sodas and crystal light and try this out for a week. You will drop weight and have TONS OF ENERGY!

Awesome site. She really breaks down the whole clean eating thing for u. Clean Eating Grocery List, recipes, and encouragement.

5-4-3-2-1 Workout...Seems simple

visual motivation to lose baby weight

The Anti-Diet, good diet tips!

a little can mean a lot...