Maternity Photo Shoot: I love the baby clothes in the background! This might be really cute to do with a newborn shoot, too! It's a sentimental way to remember some of the cute gift outfits baby received:-)

Don't like her pose or the look on her face but love the idea of a maternity pic with mommy hanging the baby clothes on a wash line.

Maybe next time.

Expecting Shoot - oh dear i love this! mostly because i am absolutely head over heels in love with little baby shoes :P

if i could be this hot/skinny while preggers, i might consider it. but probs not.

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Never forget to take some of your maternity photos at home. We did our maternity session in our house and they turned out absolutely wonderful.


Very sweet and bright Maternity session full of light and fun colors. Plus the mother gets to keep her clothes on so the pics are modest enough to show her children later.

I like this maternity photo because it would have good uses in a book - a place to write below it, do a name reveal, span across some other photos... It's very handy!

Love the use of foreground bokeh and the simple cropping to leave the focus on the belly. The colors are great too with the pink vs. the green grass.