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I just love the last sentence hahahaha! Can I point out that Hermione also did magic without her wand...

When Percy went to Hogwarts he wore glasses so he wasn't the only one and we don't really know but there could be others who have glasses just not mentioned

If there was ever one literary character that everyone despised, whether fan of the series or merely reading to pass time, it is this horrible she-beast. There is literally no redeeming quality that she possesses and if I were to ever wish death on a character in book, it would be her.

Rupert & Daniel interviewed by Rove McManus.

Harry Potter then and now. There’s magic involved here…I need to attend Hogwarts

Knew most of these already but the picture of Snape & Lilly makes me cry. every. time.

If George Weasley was the main character...the last one makes me sad =(

Inspired by Professor Dolores Umbridge's insane proclamations during her brief stint as Hogwarts' High Inquisitor, this print features a proclamation of a different kind: No one's hotter than Harry Potter. Agree or disagree? #harrypotter

I always liked Snape, even when he was being mean to Harry and Ron. I just knew there was something else going on there but I didn't see the whole Snape/Lily thing.

Harry Potter was saved by a mother's love more than once. Tear...