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Homemade Koolaid Scratch 'n Sniff Paint

Homemade Scratch N Sniff Paint! You can have your child paint on a card & send them.How amazing to open a Wonderfully Scented Card!

How to make bubble paint, a fun art activity for preschoolers.

let's get messy! Paint & dish soap - blow bubbles w straw until the bubbles go over cup onto paper. Pop the bubbles

homemade finger paint (safe for baby)....adding it to the list!

Homemade Edible Finger Paint Recipe

The Imagination Tree: Homemade Edible Finger Paint Recipe: 2 cups of corn starch * 1 cup of cold water * cups of boiling water * Liquid food colouring

Spulletjes in een ijsblok laten vervriezen. De kleuters met allerhande materialen de spulletjes eruit laten halen

Frozen fun - block of ice filled with 'stuff' for the kids to excavate. Cool summer fun Instead of piñata. Tried, The toys break though. Ice flies everywhere.

Акварельные краски своими руками

Homemade water color paints What you'll need Baking soda Vinegar Cornstarch Corn syrup Spouted mixing bowl Measuring cups Whisk Food coloring Ice cube tray

Cornstarch chalk paint     Mix the cornstarch and food coloring 
THEN added the water    Make sure you use a good ratio of cornstarch to water.
You'll want it to be a thicker paste not too watery
so the color will show up.

Pink and Green Mama: Color My Driveway: Cornstarch Sidewalk Paint. We played with cornstarch sidewalk paint in squirt bottles last summer and had lots of fun pretending we were Jackson Pollock!

15 Ways to Play with Cornstarch (Cornflour) from Fun at Home with Kids

15 Ways to Play with Cornstarch (Cornflour)

Ice Cream Dough: A totally New Sensory Play Recipe that looks and smells JUST like ice cream and is also moldable and super soft cup hair conditioner + 1 cup cornstarch (for an older toddler who doesn't put everything in their mouth)

Homemade Paint Recipe - Flour Paint         We have a nice supply of store bought paint, but I almost always find myself whipping up my o...

cup flour, food coloring and a squirt of more if ya need. Super simple homemade paint recipe in gorgeous, vibrant colors! The texture is smooth and silky, perfect for using brushes or finger painting.