Funny Things to Do to People When They Are Sleeping

by Nicole Schmoll
Sleep is one of humanity's most vulnerable states. In various stages of sleep, people dream, sleep walk and even cook omelets without seeming to remember their actions. When a person has entered a state of deep sleep, a friend may find it to be the perfect time to impose a fun and lighthearted prank...
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Best prank ever...I would hate to be on the receiving end - I would be soooo freaked out

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I need these. This is awesome

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HAHA! So funny.

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I'm going to "do this" now. "Look out" world.

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This is awesome.

★ ✯✦⊱ ❤️ ⊰✦✯ ★ #prank #gif ★ ✯✦⊱ ❤️ ⊰✦✯ ★

If you are laughing, we can be friends. ^_^ I was at work when I pinned this, and laughed so hard I almost pee'd myself!!!

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COVERT CLICKER......... Want to mess with those guys in the sports bars. You know the ones that like that team you hate? Well, we have the perfect device for you. Just when their team is ready to score you change the channel without anyone knowing it's you that did it.... WHAT! www.theonestopfun...

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I laughed a little too hard at this

Ok, I have to try this...

Ok, so I have a sick sense of humor. Bite me...please. ;D LO

you better be careful... because next time you say you're bored, Mom might get out this puzzle!

"Star Wars Elevator Prank (USING THE FORCE FOR REAL)" Haha!