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Funny Things to Do to People When They Are Sleeping

by Nicole Schmoll
Sleep is one of humanity's most vulnerable states. In various stages of sleep, people dream, sleep walk and even cook omelets without seeming to remember their actions. When a person has entered a state of deep sleep, a friend may find it to be the perfect time to impose a fun and lighthearted prank...

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this guy evil pure evil sounds like something i would do to you Maggie Drover

Creepiest prank ever…I want to do this to someone. This is awesome.

perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I bring one pack of gum and its gone no joke by the end of the day, and I only eat one peice more funny pics on facebook:

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this is one of those things that shouldn't be that funny yet it is, so...

This is hilarious and I want to do it.

funny-mirror-stairs-scare-prank I have to do this

prank-i have to pin it because it is funny but i don't know if i should encourage it by laughing

I know right, but I want to become a prankster tbh ..

The world's best prank- hilarious! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!