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  • Marianne Decker Springsteen

    Targoviste Castle located in Wallachia, Romania home of Vlad the Impaler who ruled with a iron fist, gaining a notoriously violent reputation.

  • Rebecca

    Targoviste Castle: WALLACHIA, ROMANIA The real man behind the legend of Dracula was Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler. Despite his name, he was a well-respected leader protecting his people for 7 yrs. He built Chindia Tower, now a symbol of the city, on the castle grounds. While the castle itself is in ruins, visitors can climb to the top of Chindia Tower for breathtaking views of the former palace, as well as an exhibition of the documents and weapons that belonged to the real Dracula.

  • Elizabeth VALENCIA

    Targoviste Castle Romania

  • Sonja Philip

    No better day than Halloween to visit the home of Dracula in Wallachia, Romania! (via Targoviste Castle : Daily Escape : Travel Ch...

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