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30 Famous Logos That Have A Hidden Message

This is actually one of the only things on this list without a hidden meaning, but I had to add it simply for the fact that it blew my mind when I found out. Ever wonder what Häagen-Dazs means? It means nothing. Creator Reuben Mattus invented the word to make it sound "Danish-sounding," essentially in homage. This takes their slogan, "made like no other," to a whole new level.

Corporate Logos That Contain Subliminal Messages - The FedEx logo hides an arrow in its negative space to imply efficiency and forward motion.

Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings - 2 Minute Marketing #104 - YouTube


17 Famous Logos That Have A Hidden Message

When you first look at it, it looks like only a map of Africa. But take a closer look and you'll see an adult and child facing each other.

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