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  • Vicki Kimmy

    Standing proudly on the north bank of the River Thames is an iconic fortress -- the Tower of London. Built in 1066 as a royal residence, it's where the crown jewels are held securely for the monarch.

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London - City of Contrast: modern towers of London City contrast with the ancient architecture of London Tower. Grab the last moments before the snow so you can explore the city where the western culture is born. The city is now reachable for all because of the cheep flights from every European country.

Tower of London - Jewel House, taken after hours in the Tower of London. The Jewel house is the home to the Crown Jewels. Sadly cameras are not allowed to be used inside.

Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, more commonly known as the Tower of London, is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.

A raven and guard at the Tower of London. According to superstition, there must always be 6 ravens present at the Tower, or else the monarchy, kingdom, and Tower itself will fall. In "The Tudors," when Anne was executed, you can see her look up at the flying ravens overhead. In actuality, they all stopped flight and sat on the edge of the Tower as she lost her head...something eyewitness accounts of the execution described as not only eerie, but highly unusual.

Tower of London. I stood on this section and had a picture taken right there by that tree. What a great memory.

Tower of London. Very Cool and a bit creepy at the same time knowing my favorite Queen Anne Boleyn was in this Tower

Tower of London - I'm sure this space must be haunted, still echoing with the footsteps of the condemned.

The ancient architecture of London Tower and Tower Bridge contrast with the modern high-rise towers

Two ravens perched on a bench at the Tower of London in front of the Waterloo block by John Gay

Tower Bridge, London. An architectural and engineering triumph.