Switzerland- Leanne, Bert and Adam play dress up in traditional Swiss attire while visiting the village of Wengen.

Switzerland- Bert, Adam and Leanne race each around Mount Titlis on snowmobiles.

Lauterbrunnen seen from Wengen, Switzerland.

Florida- Bert casts a spell towards the camera while standing in the streets of Hogsmeade Village

Switzerland- Bert and his travelers snowboard through fresh powder on Petersgrat Mountain in Switzerland.

California- Bert and his travelers race their buggies along the sand dunes near Pismo Beach in California.

Portland- Brandon, Sue and Bert bring their fresh lobsters to E.A.T. Lobster to be cooked for dinner.

Alaska- Bert makes his way up a 200-foot ice crevice on Godwin Glacier.

Replica of the Trojan Horse in Troy, Turkey

Costa Rica - Bert flies down the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula in his own personal gyrocopter! #TripFlip

New Mexico- Bert goes blokarting at a remote airfield in Albuquerque!

Japanese Noh Theatre

Waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Scheidegg - Eiger North Face, Suisse

Swiss ski chalets at Wengen - Swiss Alps - Switzerland

Swiss view Wengen


Wengen, Switzerland.

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Swiss Alps. View from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen Train, Switzerland

Portugal, traditional dress

Swiss Made Shop (this logo belongs to the Swiss Made Shop in Wengen Switzerland! )