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My brother and I went surfing one summer at Myrtle Beach. It was so much fun! Surfing | Surf - #Surfing

If you have a moment of silence, you may see something of value there—it is a better way to be than to be full of negative states. --Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times

Hawaii+1938. Don't know if this is the king of surfing possible obviously a model up front cause the hair is still dry.

Glassy waters & one piece #bikinis

Start a DETOX - Get summer ready! 10% OFF for our pinterest family - use code pin10 on check out.

The Waterway Collection is inspired by warm coastal travels and landlocked staycations by the pool. Because summer is for relaxing.

I adore them both... however I'm gonna start posting what I love best about each then I'm gonna REPRESENT. Stay tuned. WINNER: West Coast. We ALL surf every single day!

Caribbean Surf Our efforts paid off traveling to the Caribbean to surf undiscovered waves. Here, is a glimpse into the view each surfer had countless times while on the trip.

Pier surfing. I'm not sure whether or not this is a good idea

Whitehaven Australia Beach | World clock, time zone, weather, astronomy and more at: