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Actress Louise Synder wears a vintage swimsuit and a Stars & Stripes top hat to set off fireworks for a Fourth of July celebration on the beach in 1950.


These 47 Photos From The Past Prove That People Used To Be Ridiculously Classy.

How they used to date in the 1950s. *** I was 25 when I went on my first "date". You know, the kind where you get dressed up, the man picks you up at home, you go out to nice restaurant. Up until that point we'd "hook up" at parties. After that you were a couple. "Going together". :-)

“Pinning, in college contemporary parlance means “engaged to be engaged.” She wears the boys fraternity pin. It means more than they are just going steady. It means they are contemplating marriage, without the forthright public avowal of a formal engagement. At this stage, parents are not brought together and the parties to the pinning may, in the opinion of some, date occasionally with other people, although on some campuses this is considered beyond the pale.”

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Teens In The 1950s Vs. Teens Today

Then: Hanging out at the beach. | Teens In The 1950s Vs. TeensToday

1950 Jacques Fath. I'm fascinated by this feature where a length of fabric is wrapped/draped around and tucked through a loop. It turns up on a lot of designs in the 1950s, sometimes in a contrasting fabric.

Pattern On 3 oystermag: Beauty Daily February: My Bloody Valentine Hair: KMS California Hairplay Makeover sprayMake-up: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector and Jewel DustAnja wears Louise Gray for Topshop dress Hair by Clive Allwright of Our Place Salon for KMS California.

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