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A bird’s eye view of tourists on the beach in <a href="; Coney Island, NY</a>.

A group of ‘60s surfers perform stunts in Hawaii.

What Beaches Looked Like 100 acl Years Ago - BuzzFeed Mobile. These pictures really take you back in time.

heracliteanfire: The Circus, 1870-1950 by TASCHEN (by Marie Guillaumet)

the framing of this vintage photo (and the wallpaper) just tugs at my heartstrings...

So many beaches, so little time. We need to start planning now! Best Beaches on the East Coast: #travel #BeachLove

It isn't your necklace they'll notice, pet! You might be a Geordie lass, but you shouldna come oot in jest yer nightie!

Sisters old pic of three adorable little girls. probably taken around the 1900's. wonder how their lives turned out??

Circa 1920, beachgoers stand in front of a boat in <a href=" ">Atlantic City, NJ</a>.

Vintage Mars candy in honor of the M & M's World Store opening in Hackettstown.