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    baby hippo. seriously?!?!?



    • Joline Charles

      Shaved Guinea Pigs looks like tiny hippos… TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! #guineapigs #guineapig #pets #animals #

    • Wilma

      Fake: Pinned as a "baby hippo!" this is a Skinny Pig--an almost hairless guinea pig. A baby hippo weighs 55-100lbs at birth. Assume nothing and question everything.

    • Tracey Clarkson

      So cute a skinnypig (The Skinny Pig is an almost hairless breed of Guinea pig.) I think it looks like a baby Hippo lol

    • K Sssss

      Somebody thought this was a baby hippo but NO It's called a skinny pig!!! That is a hairless Guinea pig.

    • Pamela Carlson

      Shaved Guinea Pigs looks like tiny hippos…HOUSE HIPPO FEEDS OFF THE CRUMBS FROM PEANUT BUTTER TOAST

    • Dana Queeitcowski

      Shaved Guinea Pigs looks like tiny hippos…I would buy a guinea pig, just so I can have a baby hippo

    • Kathleen Antonelli

      Awwww - baby animals are so cute - Baby Hippo....

    • Hannah Jabs

      Image result for adorable animals

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