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  • Hotel Poejo Marvao Alentejo Portugal

    Vote Castelo de Vide!! The Washington Post is asking on-line readers to "Vote for your favorite European travel destination" - and Castelo de Vide is in first place. Please vote and help the charming Alentejo town win! - Just click on "Vote for this" | O Washington Post está a pedir aos leitores para votar no seu destino de viagem favorito europeu e Castelo de Vide está em primeiro lugar. Vote em Castelo de Vide, basta clicar em "Vote for this" #Portugal #travel #Alentejo #Marvao #travel

  • Simone Rodrigues

    Biking through southern Portugal Cycling across southern Portugal in search of history — and a workout | By By Christine Dell’Amore, The Washington Post March 11, 2011 | Discover the beautiful, historic (and hilly) southern Alentejo region of Portugal via a six-day, 175-mile cycling tour.

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Castro Verde, Alentejo, Portugal. Photo: Vitor Oliveira

Estremoz & Marvao (1000 Places) - Alentego, Portugal

Você vai amar Portugal , seus lugares e a especial comida portuguesa .

Cork Trees: Soft-Skinned Monarchs of the Mediterranean - via Smithsonian Magazine 28.06.2012 | ...The average specimen of Quercus suber produces about 100 pounds of cork in a stripping, while the very largest tree—named the Whistler Tree, 45 feet tall and a resident of Portugal’s Alentejo region—produced a ton of bark at its last harvest in 2009. It was enough for about 100,000 corks—enough to plug up the entire annual sweet wine production of Chateau d’Yquem... #Portugal

I just died!!! My favorite flowers in huge quantities!! Road through Sunflowers, Alentejo, Portugal

Photo: Christine Dell’Amore / For The Washington Post | The outside of the secluded, four-star Convento de Sao Paulo. The historic hotel has preserved the feeling of a 12th-century hermetic retreat, and visitors can even stay in the monks' former cells. #Portugal

Wildflowers and Wine - Biking Through Castle Country in Rural Portugal | A cycling tour of Portugal combines wine, castles, slow food, and history. An Alentejo, Portugal travel story by Tim Leffel, Perceptive Travel, Nov. 2013 | A "Castles and Wine" cycling tour through the Alentejo region of Portugal turns up stunning landscapes where both the roads and villages are close to empty and flowers outnumber any living creatures. Photo: cycling Portugal

Always wanted to go to Portugal now I must go to Portugal.