Neville Coat of Arms

Coat of arms of Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. A woman's coat of arms were usually diamond shaped like this. The crown and Tudor roses show her royal status.

Coat of Arms of Sir Richard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury

Armorial Panel with Stuart Coat of Arms, English. The arms are those of the Stuart sovereigns: James I, Charles I, Charles II, and James II. For stylistic reasons, this panel is dated between 1660 (beginning of the reign of Charles II) and 1688 (end of the reign of James II). The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Armorial Bookplate: Coat of arms of the Dukes of Beaufort. The dukes of Beaufort are descendants in the male line from the House of Plantagenet through John of Gaunt and Edward III. Beaufort Castle was a possession of John of Gaunt, and the surname Beaufort was given to Gaunt's four legitimized children by his mistress and third wife, Katherine Swynford.

Coat of arms of Sir Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland

family tree of Mary Queen of Scots

The Plantagenet family tree, which ended when Henry VII (Anne Boleyn's father in law) overthrew Richard III and thus began the reign of the Tudors. The Tudor reign lasted less than 150 years...a very short period of time compared to the other prior and future reigning houses in England.

The Royal Arms of Scotland

Anne Neville

The House of Plantagenet is the name given in England's historical narrative for the 14 Kings that ruled for the 331 years from 1154 until 1485.

MS. Top. Glouc. d. 2 Founders' and benefectors' book of Tewkesbury Abbey, in Latin England, Tewkesbury; 16th century, first quarter fol.13r Robert son of Haymo and Sibilla

House of Plantagenet family tree

Richard III family Tree

Plantagenet Family Tree

Woodville family tree

Tomb effigy of Richard Neville (Warwick the Kingmaker); Earl of Warwick; father of Anne Neville, Richard III's queen


Arms of Elizabeth Woodville

The White Queen | Isabel Neville, Anne Neville and Lord Warwick

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick--the Kingmaker