DIY = Old Large Sweatshirt + Buttons + Sewing Machine. I think I pinned this already, but meh. :)

Finally!!! A tutorial for the adorable sweatshirt picture that's been floating around pinterest forever!

see kate sew: sweatshirt liposuction

Sweatshirt turned into adorable sweater


This is how people that are late to things should dress. It a huge pet peeve of mine when I'm late or someone is late.

Weekends Are For Waffles Crewneck #NYLONshop

thrift shore sweatshirt makeover.

DIY cute shirt

hoodie pattern

Kinda love scarfs right now.

DIY Maxi Convertible Dress (OMG I think my sewing skillz are actually up to making this dress/skirt. it looks so simple. Now I'm dying to make one.... or five.)

Bing : upcycled clothes

Free top sewing pattern.

Cute diy!

Hand Stamped Sewing Machine Charm Necklace, Sewing Jewelry, Quilting Necklace, Quilter's Jewelry, Quilting Necklace on Etsy, $35.00

Fringe top