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Meeting Contraception Needs Could Sink Maternal Death Rate

July 10, 2012--Fulfilling unmet contraception demands by women in developing countries could reduce global maternal mortality by nearly a third! (John's Hopkins)

June 27--Check out this update from GlobalPost on the Global Health Initiative's budget constraints and shaky limits.

July 10, 2012-Nodding disease has claimed the lives of hundreds in Uganda, yet the government refuses to declare the area a disaster zone.

June 13, 2012-Great innovations in global health as a pilot study in Tanzania attempts to test the effectiveness of larvicide in reducing malaria!


Cervical cancer - silent killer

June 26, 2012- The most common kind of cancer affecting women in Uganda is cervical cancer. Proving once again that reproductive and preventative health measures are KEY to saving lives in these regions.

June 27--The gloomy global economic situation, and recent scale-backs in HIV funding around the world, have cast great doubt as to whether policymakers will take advantage of the combination of new prevention tools to fight AIDS.


As Nations Develop, Cancer Takes Hold

June 1, 2012-As Nations develop, cancer takes hold. And likely increases in cancers related to lifestyle factors, such as obesity and smoking, could overshadow expected declines in cancers related to infections.

July 13--Somalis living in the world’s largest refugee camp risk being recruited by armed groups and bandits as children grow up without education in increasingly desperate conditions.

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Our image of Africa is hopelessly obsolete

Our Image of Africa is Hopelessly Obsolete via the Guardian

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Women, water and the ugly global crisis we’re not talking about

"Women, water and the ugly global crisis we’re not talking about" article by April Rinne from