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A romantic getaway for Peyton and husband King Danville (Ted McGinley) takes an unexpected detour when an infant is abandoned at their doorstep, transforming them into temporary parents. Petyon is reminded of her secret past and relies on her journalistic instincts to uncover the baby's story in this all-new tale of hope, inspiration and second chances.

Confessions of a Prodigal Son is a coming-of-age tale following Sean as he rebels and leaves his home, family and father to figure out life on his own.

If Not For His Grace. Rev. Randolph leads the charge to keep the neighborhood peaceful before a tragedy threatens to tear their loving family and their community apart.

It is one of the greatest loves stories ever told. The Holy Family delves into the human side and familial relationship between Mary and Joseph, as they raise the Son of God.

A tale of family bonds and free expression, Last Ounce of Courage encourages all Americans to take a stand and raise their voices in support of their beliefs.

Pro cyclist Chris Carmik is no stranger to victory, and he has the trophies and fame to prove it. He won't settle for anything but being the best, even if it means neglecting his duty to lead as a husband and father. With his focus on his career instead of his family and faith, Chris's only worry is his next win - until he's suddenly forced to face the most profound of losses.

Hardflip follows the story of Caleb (Randy Wayne), a young skater whose ill mother (Rosanna Arquette) and absent father (John Schneider) leave him reaching for the only hope he has - becoming a sponsored skater.

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Greta's assistant tells her that Wes has a head start to snowy Big Bear, so she dashes to the mountain resort. When she mistakenly ends up as a guest of the family, she's in the middle of what could be her best story yet!