• Eman

    I hate wires. What a cool idea!

  • Splashtablet Case Company

    The Leaf Tie not only organizes your tangled life but also adds a nice little touch of nature to the twist. LufDesign does a great job with the cable management! You don’t need to just use these cool ties as an organizer but you can also tie them around anything and everything! RP by http://www.splashtablet.com the hyper-cool tablet case so you can shower with your iPad - on Amazon too.

  • ThisisWaf

    Great way to arrange your messy wires.. #Creative #Products

  • Aki Tsunoda

    cable ties!

  • The Wise Steward

    Leaf ties... nature-inspired cord management.

  • Lyndsey Eckler

    Such a cute, "green" idea! Leaf Tie from Lufdesign. $7 for a pack of 12. Found on Better Living Through Design.

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