Anthony Robert McMillan aka Robbie Coltrane is an actor I've always enjoyed. "Cracker" was one of my favorite TV shows. 'Fitz' was born in Rutherglen, South Lankarshire, Scotland.


Cracker -- another great BBC crime series. This one with Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane.

Dumbledore and Hagrid

Cracker was a British crime drama series centered on a criminal psychologist, Eddie "Fitz" Fitzgerald, played by Robbie Coltrane. It was set in Manchester.

Hagrid, Lupin & prof. Trelawny


Edinburgh, Scotland - one of my favorite cities in the world...

Rubeus Hagrid=Robby Coltrane

Slughorn, Hagrid, Harry and Fang attend Aragog's funeral.

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Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud Deputy Marshalo Sam McCloud (Dennis Weaver) McCloud TV was a crime action series on NBC that aired for 60 minutes during the first season. It was about a country Marshall from New Mexico who escorted a local criminal to New York City, got involved in a murder case and stayed.

Harry Potter

10 things I hate about you. this will probably be on my top 5 favorite movies list forever.

Every Harry Potter spell No. There are more. I have a notebook with more. Three pages worth. And more detail. But still not all. *Note. There are an infinite amount of HP spells DUHHH

Swedish book covers for Harry Potter by Alvaro Tapia

Cant stop crying :,(

"63 out of 100" You really know your stuff and are a dedicated potter head! In O.W.L's on Harry potter, you would go e hermione a run for her money! You're a pure-blood wizard!

First light, Loch Druidibeag, South Uist Outer Hebrides, Scotland