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    John of Gaunt 1st Duke of Lancaster, son of King Edward lll of England. Husband of Katherine Swynford and father of Joan Beaufort. Joan married Sir Ralph Nevill and became the ancestor of George Washington on his mothers side. (my 18th GGrandfather on my fathers side)

  • Ms. Beachcomber

    John of Gaunt Duke Lancaster Plantagenet de Beaufort 21st GG - Overview -

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1403-1444 - John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset - Wimborne Minster, Dorset eldest son of John of Gaunt. Margaret Beaufort's father. Henry VII's grandfather. Believed to have commited suicide after a quarrel with the government led him to the disgrace of banishment from court. Henry VII' s best blood claim to the throne actually came through this Beaufort line, which was descended from a mistress (and later wife) of John of Gaunt named Katherine Swynford.

The Beaufort Portcullis was a very important part of the representation of Henry VII and that of his descendants. Margaret Beaufort, his mother, is a descendant of the first duke of Lancester, John of Gaunt. He was the son of king Edward III which means that Henry Tudor had Royal blood which strengthens his claim on the throne

Henry of Bolingbroke, I Duke of Hereford, II Duke of Lancaster was born the only legitimate son of John of Gaunt (q.v.) in 1366. Gaunt, I Duke of Lancaster, was the second son of Edward III. His elder brother was known as the Black Prince, who died before he could become king.

Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster became the third wife of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, a son of King Edward III. Their descendants were members of the Beaufort family, which played a major role in the Wars of the Roses. Henry VII, who became King of England in 1485, derived his claim to the throne from his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort, who was a great-granddaughter of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford.

Edward VI, King of England/••••of "The King's Speech" fame. Queen Elizabeth II's father.

TUDOR ROSE-- Catherine DeRoet Swynford; mistress and eventual 3rd wife of John of Gaunt (son of Edward III); Duchess of Lancaster and ancestress of the Tudor line via their children, the Beauforts

King Edward IV - 1442 - 1483, the first Yorkist King of England, having battled the Lancastrian challenge to his throne in 1471, and then reigning in peace until his death.

Father and son : Prince Edward and king George V

Edward I of England - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "Longshanks", son of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. Married Princess Eleanor of Castile and Leon

Constance of Castile, Duchess of Lancaster/ John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (painting). Parents: Peter of Castile / María de Padilla. Married: 9/21/1371, 2nd wife of John of Gaunt, 3rd son of Edward III. Her younger sister, Infanta Isabella, married Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, the 4th son of King Edward III

Jeanette "Jennie" Jerome (1854-1921) was one of three pretty daughters of financier Leonard Jerome and his wife Clara. She married Lord Randolph Churchill, second son of the Duke of Marlborough. She had two children, Winston Churchill, the future prime minister, and John. She had many affairs during her marriage, including with King Edward VII. After her husband died, she married a man as young as her sons, which was very shocking for the time. She subsequently married an even younger man.

John of Gaunt (1340-1399), Prince and Steward of England; 4th son of Edward III John ('John of Gaunt'), Duke of Lancaster and Aquitaine