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edible landform project

Lovely Landforms Writing Station

landform project ideas

Fun edible way to teach landforms!! SS1G3 The student will locate major topographical features of the earth’s surface. c. Identify and describe landforms (mountains, deserts, vall eys, plains, plateaus, and coasts)

25 Fun Ways To Learn The Alphabet from No Time For Flash Cards

The students will create a 3D edible model of any original colony. They will have geography skills to use for knowledge of making the model.

School landform project

Pyramids of Egypt. School project.

Help students learn how islands are created and have them build fun models of these diverse landforms. This is a great project for kids in third, fourth, and fifth grades.

Traditions Around the World is a wonderful way for your students to explore and learn about other countries/cultures and compare and contrast them to their own. This can be used as a "Christmas Around the World" project (which is how I use it), OR, as a social studies project on current and/or ancient traditions and cultures. ($)

Landform Diorama

for map landforms

Landform Project. This project is included in my Landform Social Studies Unit on sale with TpT.

Landforms reference charts

landforms project

Awesome idea to have a Solar System around a light in a kids room!

Science from Trash: MANY projects, first done by kids in India

Pizza Box Geography Project... can't wait to try this!

Landforms activity

Study landforms using Google Earth! Fun project your students will love!

3D Landform Maps- fun, easy, and meaningful to make!