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Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way - Positive Quotes - Inspirational Quotes - Enjoy Professional Spiritual Insights at the link.


Hope says God can. Faith says God will! Discouragement: is where Hope is lost because we take our eyes of of God and focus on self.Faith keeps God's promises in our hearts and mind. Put on the armour of God each new day, Ephesians


Sometimes God stirs out of comfortable situations to stretch us and cause us to use our faith. We may not like it, and it may not always be comfortable, but God loves us too much to just leave us the way we are.

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True Every single time whenever God has always led me to a better place--a place I would have never gone had it not been for d "closed door"

wow...so true. really makes you think about and re-evaluate your priorities in life.

Harder than it sounds but TOTALLY worth it ♥need to remember this

When we pray ...

When we pray, God hears more than we say, answer more than we asks, gives more than we imagine.in His own time and in His own ways.