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    • Joyce Brummitt

      Anti smoking ad, it kind of smells this way.

    • Emese Kelle

      No Smoking

    • Katarina Panic

      New dental care! On your on!

    • Sam Javed

      If you are sick of worrying about your increased risk of suffering from emphysema, lung cancer or other deadly smoking-related illnesses. Sam Javed is Ready To Make A Change. You can buy Quit Smoking Mp3 at nominal price. For Hypnosis Quit Smoking Contact us on: 0404301306

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    Quit smoking with hypnosis: Just listen to an mp3 file at home. Proven, guaranteed system, check it out: www.quitsmokingra...

    Thats how disgusting I see it. Quit smoking! more news read here:

    Secondhand Smoke - can lead to ear infections, which can lead to speech/language delays, and difficulties in school.

    Did you know that just 1-9 weeks after you quit smoking, the little hairs, or cilia, that line your lungs begin to work normally again to keep your lungs clear from infection? And after 15 years, an ex-smoker's risk of heart disease will be equivalent to that of a non-smoker? Inspiring stuff!

    Such a BAD & nasty habit! My precious mother smoked herself into an early grave bc of this! Praise God I NEVER picked this bad habit up! I pray that everyone who reads this will seek God's help on how to stop this habit once and for all. There's nothing sexy or attractive about it at all ladies.