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The Tree of Life in Bahrain is one of the world's loneliest trees. The mesquite tree sits at the highest point in the barren desert of Bahrain, hundreds of miles from the another natural tree and is thought to have tap roots reaching hundreds of feet down to aquifers. The exact age of the tree is unknown though it's generally believed to be more than 400 years old.

Sunset at the Tree of Life in Bahrain -The Tree of Life is a 400-year-old mesquite tree in Bahrain that is considered a natural wonder. This unique tree stands alone in the desert about two kilometers from the Jebel Dukhan, the highest point in Bahrain. The source of water for this tree remains a mystery because it stands in a place completely free of water.

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Tree of Life - Bahrain. 400 years old. It stands alone in a barren desert in highest point in Bahrain. Some people feel it is actual location of Garden of Eden.