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Left Hand and Wrist Spasticity

Video - Need help opening a spastic hand? Here's a 2 minute video illustrating a method used by many therapists with great success.

Hand exercises for OA and RA

Stroke Nation | Stroke Recovery | Fighting Spasticity After Stroke

Hand & Wrist.

Nerves of the hand: median, ulnar, radial, with motor supply and sensory distribution

How To Make An Assistive Pan Holder For One Hand Use For Under $2.

Wrist and hands

Hemiplegia helpers

Wrist Exercises and Theraputty

scap mob

Injuries of Hand and Wrist

Release spastic finger flexors

Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist by ~Black-Rose227 on deviantART

Wrist sprain exercises.

wrist and hand rehab protocols

wrist joint movements | Essentials of Hand Surgery

FMC, hand and wrist strength activity for OT. Have them make words or pictures.

Spinal Cord Injury Spasticity Sections

Even if you don't have carpal tunnel, these are good exercises to do to strengthen your hands, fingers, and wrists, especially given how many of us use technology all the time nowadays.