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Stroke Therapy

Hand Therapy

Therapy Stuff

Accessory Design

Body Rehab

Stroke Rehab Spasticity

Occupational Therapy Cva

Cva Stroke

Stroke Prevention

Left Hand and Wrist Spasticity

Ot Anatomy

Wrist Anatomy

Physio Anatomy

Hands Repinned

Heal Healthy

Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel

Functional Anatomy

Essential Oils

The Orthopedics Malaysia blog: Numbness in your hand - CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME?

Stroke Activities Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Hemiplegia

Bilateral Hand Activities

Rehab Activities

Ot Activities For Adults

Solutions Follow

Pt Solutions

Abc Brigade

Nonfunctional Hand

Stroke Help-Bilateral Activities for the Nonfunctional Hand Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Stroke Tricks

Stroke Ot

Stroke Patient

Ot Treatment For Stroke

Cva Treatment

Stroke Care

Treatment Ideas

Tight Hemiplegic

Hands Ot

Home After a Stroke: Tricks for Stretching a Tight Hemiplegic Hand

Splints Flashcards

Flashcards Quizlet

Nbcot Splints

Splints Quizlet

Quizlet Repinned

Making Splints

Splinting Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Student

Cards Nbcot

NBCOT: Splints flashcards | Quizlet

Hand Therapy Exercises

Hand Therapy Ot

Finger Exercises

Osteoarthritis Exercises

Hand Exercises For Arthritis

Finger Joint

Finger Hand

Occupational Therapy Arthritis

Occupational Therapy Ideas For Adults

Hand exercises for OA and RA

Review Shoulder

Shoulder Info

Shoulder Tests

Shoulder Muscle

Shoulder Elbow

Shoulder Injury

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Occupational Health

Ot Assessments

Assessments for every joint! Back, shoulder, elbow, hand, knee etc....

Cva Activities

Hemiplegia Activities

Visual Scanning Activities For Adults

Stroke Rehab Activities

Hemiplegia Therapy

Ot Geriatric Activities

Therapy Mvf

Therapy Visual

Physical Therapy

Mirror Therapy for Individuals with hemiplegia after CVA or Stoke. The individuals moves their unaffected hand but they SEE both hands moving! This causes activity in the motor areas of the affected side of the brain.

Tight Hand

Ot Physical

Educational Physical

Physical Therapist

Hand Therapy

Stroke Therapy

Tbi Therapy

Therapy Practice

Music Therapy

Video - Need help opening a spastic hand? Here's a 2 minute video illustrating a method used by many therapists with great success.

Stroke Unit

Cota Stroke

Ot Stroke Rehab

Stroke Work

Stroke Stuff

Stroke Info

Stroke Physiotherapy

Physio Stroke

Stroke Therapy

Home After a Stroke: Tricks for Stretching a Tight Hemiplegic Hand

Hand Therapy Ot

Stroke Therapy

Cva Ideas

Ot Ideas

Ot Hemi/Stroke

Muscle Synergies

Caregiver Check

Spastic Hand

Ot And Stroke

Awesome blog by an OT who had a stroke and became her own caregiver. Great explanations of muscle synergies! From your friends at Saebo

Patterns Visual

Patterns I Ve

Patterns Printout

Patterns Yahoo

Feeding Therapy Ideas

Occupational Therapy Feeding

Spoon Hand

Grasping Patterns

Therapy Fine Motor

Hand grasp patterns

Occupational Therapy Stroke Rehab

Occupational Therapy For Geriatrics

Occupational Therapy Ideas For Adults

Ot Hand Therapy

Ot Stuff

Ot Ideas

Ue Le

Clinical Exams

Ot Orthopedics

A Practical Guide to Hand & Wrist Examination

Geriatric Ot

Geriatric Occupational Therapy

Hand Nerves

Ue Nerves

Ot Hand Therapy

Occupational Therapy Cheat Sheet

Occupational Therapy Ideas For Adults

Therapy Stuff

Ot Anatomy

Nerves of the hand: median, ulnar, radial, with motor supply and sensory distribution

Ot Interventions Geriatrics

Ot Geriatrics

Ot Videos

Education Videos

Ice Learning

Learning Center

Stroke Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Transfers Bed

***JAN DAVIS VIDs: Transfers, bed mobility, scapular mobilization, stroke, functional tasks, evals, etc.

Clinical Exams

Clinical Education

Clinical Practice

Education Site

Hand Therapy Ot

Physical Therapy

Knee Shoulder

Conditions Clinical

Hand Ortho

Great hand ortho review. (and knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, and lower back)

Stroke Video

Stroke Youtube

Ot Stroke Rehab

Stroke Info

Ot Hemi Stroke

Cva Stroke

Exercises Stroke

Stroke Exercise

Ball Exercise

Stroke Nation | Stroke Recovery | Fighting Spasticity After Stroke

Position Splint

Hand Position

Modified Resting

Swimming Noodle

Swim Noodle

Hand Therapy

Limb Therapy

Rehab Therapy

Stroke Therapy

A modified resting hand splint made out of a swim noodle.

Joint Mobilizations

Joint Mobs

Scapular Stabilization

Scapular Mobilization

Shoulder Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Neuro

Manual Therapy

Bobath Therapy

Upward Downward

scap mob

Holder Compact

Hair Drying

Hair Dryer Holder

Ot Adaptive Equipment

Occupational Therapy Ideas For Adults Adaptive Equipment

Occupational Therapy Arthritis

Free Hair

Ot Adult

Blow Dryer

Hemiplegia helpers

Geriatric Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Knee Replacement

Occupational Therapy Ideas For Adults Strength

Occupational Therapy Stroke Rehab

Stroke Info

Stroke Tbi

Ot Physical

Physical Therapy For Stroke

Stroke Exercise

Occupational Therapy - stroke