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DuraCoat the gun!! I love this idea because 98% of all pink guns are .22 and i want at least a 9mm

DuraCoat the gun! I love this idea because of all pink guns are and i want at least a - didn't write the post but agree whole-heartedly. I could get behind this pink gun

pinkxd3 by rccsucksballs, via Flickr

Pink Springfield XD I want this compact in dark purple would look sexy

The hubby wants me to get a gun...might as well get a pink one! haha

Pink Glock - I don't like guns--not even toy guns. But I love this pink gun :-}

Glock Handguns For Women | About the time you think Arizona might be getting its sanity back now ...

JOLT 46 Million Volt Mini Stun Gun

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beretta nano pink frame -oh shit my want for this gun is now multiplied

One of the Best Guns for Women!

Just got this exact gun today! Thanks to my amazing boyfriend!except mine has the laser pointer attached.

Now I lay me down to sleep, beside my bed, a glock I keep. If I should wake and find you inside, the coroners van will be your next ride.

Susan G. Komen has partnered with the manufacturers of Smith and Wesson to produce the Walther Hope Edition pink handgun. Who needs Planned Parenthood?