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  • Nicole Shindle

    I love you, Jim Halpert. Jim and Pam from The Office, hands down my favorite tv couple <3

  • Alicia Madole

    Love The Office and love Jim and Pam and love this quote, so sweet!

  • Margaret Potter

    The Office. This happens to be my favorite Office quote ever...

  • Ari Downham

    the cutest couple that ever happened. I love them and i love the office <3

  • Glennis L

    anyone got a real life Jim Halpert? could you pass along his digits - we are meant to be married... he just doesn't know it yet.

  • Mary Katherine

    The office - Best episode! My heart just melted

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Jim and Pam from The Office, hands down my favorite tv couple ♥

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Definitely one of my favorite episodes of the office

They are made for each other. Honestly, my favorite on-screen couple. How I wish they were real off-screen too. Gah, my heart just melts with this!!!

Click - Imgur // I think I need to watch this show. LOL!

We all have a Michael Scott in our lives.

This scene is a punch in the feels… Jim FINALLY says what we've all been waiting for... then Pam breaks all of our hearts! :( But we still love her (so does Jim) She didn't mean to do it...

The people of the world are caught up in mass Office confusion.

Where’s my desk? I love Jim and Dwight. Hahaha. One of my favorite intros.