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  • Samantha Haase

    Anastasia. One of my favorite movies ever and the reason I wanted to be a lost princess for the first half of my childhood :P

  • Melissa Leichliter

    still one of my favorite movies! :D for the record, Anastasia is not a Disney movie. Geez!

  • Normal Fangirl

    Favorite non Disney movie but where am I to put it oh well it's great enough to be a Disney movie!

  • Bethany Trinkle

    Anastasia -- one of the best movies ever!!

  • Christina L.

    Anastasia (yes, I know this isn't Disney - think of it as an honorary thing - shoulda, woulda, coulda)

  • Korrinne Biasetti

    If Anastasia were a Disney movie, she'd be my favorite Disney princess!

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