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  • Samantha Haase

    Anastasia. One of my favorite movies ever and the reason I wanted to be a lost princess for the first half of my childhood :P

  • Ammearah Vannoy

    Anastasia - probably one of the Non Disney classic movies I haven't seen yet

  • Beth Renee

    Anastasia. Best. Movie. Ever.

  • Christina Smith

    Anastasia one of my favorite movies of all time. And despite common misconception it's not a Disney movie it's Fox.

  • Christina L.

    Anastasia (yes, I know this isn't Disney - think of it as an honorary thing - shoulda, woulda, coulda)

  • Korrinne Biasetti

    If Anastasia were a Disney movie, she'd be my favorite Disney princess!

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"This movie can cure anything for me--depression, heartbreak, wanderlust. I ache for a romance like that of Anastasia and Demitri" -Taylor Smith

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Anastasia and Dimitri! OK i absolutely adore this movie and think that it is forgotten by so many people! but this kiss gets me every time! i think its just so sweet and i catch myself saying awww every time i see it! " Dear Grandmama, wish me luck. We'll be together in Paris again soon."

I have always been fascinated by the real story behind this animated movie. Love the movie, too.

I wish I could write like this movie's writers. The story between Anastasia and Dmitri is beautifully done.

Fine, so it's 20th Century Fox. Nevertheless, I LOVE IT. One of my favorites.

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