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Mason jars - consider hanging the jars as shown in the picture but instead of plants, make the solar power lights that are a DIY Project. Could hang them all around the yard on a privacy fence.

indoor herbs . . . in lovely pots add to elegance and beauty. In the summer, they can go outside.

Cottage Accessories: Create the cottage look in your home by using pretty pastels and some of these traditional cottage accessories. Reuse: When shopping flea markets or other vintage outlets, eye objects for a new purpose. A flower pot can be used as a pencil cup, a flower arranging frog as a pen holder, and a muffin tin as a divider for office supplies.

Such a great idea! I wonder how long it takes for these to rust through.

Edible Landscaping: Container Garden - Basil | jardin potager | bauerngarten | köksträdgård